How it Works

Reserve products at no cost for your next event and see how easy it is to raise money for your cause!

step 1

Create Your event

Create events by event date within your account to organize your favorite products to sell at your next fundraiser.

step 2

Add and Reserve Products

Select and reserve your favorite products that you want to auction. Its free to use our packages until you sell them. You pay us the non-profit cost and you keep the rest to help move your mission forward.

step 3

Sell at Your Event

Offer your products at your event using the promotional materials that we provide after reserving your products. Our Charity Booster advisors will be here to make sure you are successful and raise the most funds to help you win.

step 4

Tell us what you sold

After your event, tell us how many times you sold each reserved product, then enter the names and emails of your winning bidders. Once you pay your non-profit cost for each product sold after you have collected from your winning bidders, a redemption code will automatically be sent to them so they can redeem their product or experience.

step 5

Winners Redeem

Once your winners redeem their product or experience, they can book their experience, it’s that simple.

Ready to Champion Your Charity

Start reserving your products today and see how easy it is to raise funds for your cause!

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