Weekly Giveaway Winner: Achieva

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We’re thrilled to announce our weekly giveaway winner — ACHIEVA. ACHIEVA was founded in 1951 by a group of family members who all desired the same thing, to ensure their children with disabilities had the same chances in life that all children should be given. Their commitment helped to establish a nationwide movement that changed the long history of isolation and segregation for both children and adults with disabilities.

Statement of Mission:

ACHIEVA supports and empowers people with disabilities and their families.

Statement of Vision:

ACHIEVA envisions a community where disability is a distinction that makes no difference.

Core Values:

Respect: Respect, value and celebrate everyone.
Change: Embrace and drive change toward innovation and inclusive practices.
Ethics: Infuse integrity, ethics and best practices in everything we do.
Team: Inspire, challenge and support each other.
Passion: Demonstrate passion about ACHIEVA’s mission and vision.

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