5 Awesome Places to Volunteer for this Year’s International Volunteer Day!

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Today is International Volunteer Day.  #IVD2018 recognizes volunteers worldwide – with a special focus on local community volunteers – who contribute to making their communities more resilient against natural disasters, economic stresses and political shocks.  

With so much frenzy swirling around the holiday season — shopping, planning, family, travel — it can be easy to forget just how powerful the simple act of giving can be.  For this year’s #IVD2018, we wanted to give you an opportunity to give back to your local community by providing a list of the top 5 places (in no particular order) to volunteer because we all know — GIVING IS BETTER THAN RECEIVING!

1 // Animal Rescue Shelters

Local animal shelters ALWAYS need volunteers and if you’re already a fur-parent then you’ll love this one!  Work on your office skills by answering emails, taking phone calls, or providing general administrative assistance.  Find a local shelter HERE!

2 // National Parks

If you’re a history buff or a naturalist, you can explore opportunities to work at fascinating historical sites maintained by the National Park Service.  Click here to find out more about how to volunteer for the National Park Service.

3 // Habitat for Humanity

Habitat for Humanity offers several locally targeted volunteer opportunities all over the country.  If you have or want to develop experience in home repair and building maintenance, check out their A Brush With Kindness campaign.  And who knows, you might eventually find yourself able to remodel your own home one day too!

4 // YMCA

At the YMCA, you can volunteer to help children and adults, strengthen your leadership skills by coaching a sports team, or pick up some valuable teaching experience by tutoring.  Check your local YMCA’s website, or walk in and introduce yourself to see if there are any positions they need filled.

5 // Food Pantries

I imagine that when most people think of volunteering they think of handing out food to people in need — and for good reason.  Food pantries and soup kitchens can always use a helping hand organizing a local food drive, raising money, or simply handing out hot meals to those in need.  If you have any specific skills, such as copy writing/editing, data entry, or even cooking you can be of great service to these local organizations.  Check out FoodPantries.org to search for one near you.

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