$1.3M Raised for Charities!

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We’re excited to announce that since we started 8 months ago, CharityBooster has partnered with over 200 charities and helped raise over $1.3M for the good of humanity!

That’s $1.3 million raised toward curing disease, fighting for human rights, educating the next generation, responding to disasters, fighting injustice, protecting our environment, and so much more that we can’t list it all here (lest we run the risk of losing your attention!)

And guess what?  In the famous words of Karen Carpenter, “We’ve Only Just Begun.”

So What's Next?

The humanitarian gap is shrinking as more people are giving to charities than ever before.  According the Charity Navigator, “Charitable giving continued its upward trend in 2017, as an estimated $410.02 billion was given to charitable causes.”  

What does this tell us?  Firstly, it tells us that more than EVER people believe in the work that charities are doing — woohoo!  Secondly, it tells us that people are LOOKING for ways to give to charities — this is where we come in.  

Our goal is to help charities win…period.  We do this by providing charity consultants, crazy ROI live & silent auction travel experiences, and fundraising technologies and platforms.   Simple — right?  This formula has helped raise over $1.3 million dollars for charities all over the US.  With your help we would like to QUADRUPLE that number by this time next year!  

Imagine what partnering with us could look like?! 

Now stop imagining and contact us TODAY to make a difference in your community and in the world!

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